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Thank you for visiting. strives to increase both understanding and accuracy in the calculations of blending essential oils, or as they are sometimes called Recipes.

Our core feature is the The Essential Oil Dilution Calculator, located on the home page. We also have a second calculator, The MasterBlend Calculator, for use in calculating both the MasterBlend and the final dilution when used. There is also a page with detailed information on how the calculations are made, to what standard and whether it is important to have accurate calculations for your EO blends. 

We recommend starting with the "recipe" calculator on the home page. But, once comfortable with that, you should try out the MasterBlend calculator - handy for creating "bulk" blend bottles of your favorite blends. 

Again, thank you for stopping by. We hope this information is helpful to your Essential Oil journey

Table of Equivalents

The following is a brief outline of the table of equivalents used on

 drops ("20")

For a full discussion on this Table of Equivalents; their source; and details on what Drops ("20") are please see our explanation here.

Redilution Calculator

Have you ever wanted to take a pre-diluted essential oil and change the dilution ratio?  Maybe it is an expensive oil that the supplier has pre-diluted to make it more cost effective.  Or, possibly something you have that came as a pre-diluted roller ball that you now want to use at a lower percentage.  Whatever the reason, the math is simple to perform, but difficult for many to remember.

Below we have a simple calculator for rediluting essential oil.  To help understand it, it comes pre-populated with an example. But there are only three variables to change (original dilution, desired dilution, and number of “parts” to dilute), so easy to complete.  Also, the term parts is used to simplify the calculation – use whatever you desire as a unit of measurement – just ensure that all measurements are in the same unit of measure.

The starting example uses a 10% diluted roller ball, that would be rediluted to a 3% blend; by adding 2 1/3 parts of carrier oil to 1 part of the original blend.

Desired Desired  
For Parts Original Dilution
Add Parts Carrier Oil
New Volume Total Parts
New Dilution