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Thank you for visiting. strives to increase both understanding and accuracy in the calculations of blending essential oils, or as they are sometimes called Recipes.

Our core feature is the The Essential Oil Dilution Calculator, located on the home page. We also have a second calculator, The MasterBlend Calculator, for use in calculating both the MasterBlend and the final dilution when used. There is also a page with detailed information on how the calculations are made, to what standard and whether it is important to have accurate calculations for your EO blends. 

We recommend starting with the "recipe" calculator on the home page. But, once comfortable with that, you should try out the MasterBlend calculator - handy for creating "bulk" blend bottles of your favorite blends. 

Again, thank you for stopping by. We hope this information is helpful to your Essential Oil journey

Table of Equivalents

The following is a brief outline of the table of equivalents used on

 drops ("20")

For a full discussion on this Table of Equivalents; their source; and details on what Drops ("20") are please see our explanation here.

Quick Conversions

  Measurements Given   Converted To   Table of Equivalents
  Qty Unit of Measure   Qty Unit of Measure      
#1     1.00000 ounce
#2     6.00000 teaspoon
#3     2.00000 tablespoon
#4     0.12500 cup
#5     29.57353 millileter
#6     591.47060 drops ("20")