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Thank you for visiting. strives to increase both understanding and accuracy in the calculations of blending essential oils, or as they are sometimes called Recipes.

Our core feature is the The Essential Oil Dilution Calculator, located on the home page. We also have a second calculator, The MasterBlend Calculator, for use in calculating both the MasterBlend and the final dilution when used. There is also a page with detailed information on how the calculations are made, to what standard and whether it is important to have accurate calculations for your EO blends. 

We recommend starting with the "recipe" calculator on the home page. But, once comfortable with that, you should try out the MasterBlend calculator - handy for creating "bulk" blend bottles of your favorite blends. 

Again, thank you for stopping by. We hope this information is helpful to your Essential Oil journey
Table of Equivalents
The following is a brief outline of the table of equivalents used on

 drops ("20")

For a full discussion on this Table of Equivalents; their source; and details on what Drops ("20") are please see our explanation here.

Announcement 6/6/17

As of 6/6/17 DiluteOil has reverted all our essential oil calculators to only perform blend ratios. This includes the Basic, MasterBlend and the newly released “By Grams” (mass based calculator).

Recently, we made changes to the DiluteOil website that were meant to add helpful information concerning the dilution ratios that you, our users, were calculating. This included adding some basic safety information concerning max dermal limits and phototoxity. But, the result was that we moved away from our core purpose of increasing both the understanding and accuracy of blending essential oils.

Safety in very important in essential oils, and you are encouraged to investigate and determine what the safe dilution ratios are for your oils, needs and physiology. To do so properly is beyond the scope of this website.

We welcome your continued use of for the purpose of knowing the blend ratios you determine you need, are correctly calculated to produce the blend you desire.

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